TIMEX ARCHIVE collection.

We are proud to be the agency chosen to distribute the iconic TIMEX Archive watch collection for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. TIMEX was founded in 1854 in Waterbury. This collection is based on the huge archive of Timex watch Corp. and shows dress watches based on models of the 1940ies and 50ies, sports and outdoor watches and military issue watches.


The Timex Archive straps are manufactured in Italy on mechanical looms and woven with exclusive structures. Through integral research and  inherent know-how, we have developed our own dyeing processes, reversible striped wristbands with matching striped or solid loops. Both the quality and finishing of the yarn exemplify the excellence of “Made in Italy”.

Vintage ads:

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THE MIX Collection. Explore the Timex Archive. You’ll discover a watch for every occasion. The Mix Line invites you to create your own watch by mixing your favorite case with the ideal strap. Each watch tells a story freshly recounted with each paired strap. In the Collection, you can also choose among a large selection of exclusive watches designed solely for this season.


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