CROOTS-England. Bringing back a classic.

In a special cooperation with Frans Boone Store, from Sluis, The Netherlands  Croots – England is bringing back a classic first introduced nearly 40 years ago: The Sportsman holdall. The first ever Canvas bag made by the founders John & Margaret Smith in 1978. Back then made from the original Royal Mail Bag canvas. Today Croots used a very densely woven canvas fabric made by Limonta in Italy. Leather trims are made from Chromexcel leather by Horween of Chicago. High quality swiss made polished zippers by RiRi. Solid brass metal ware made in the UK. Fully lined with red heavy cotton twill lining. Proudly made in Yorkshire. All photos courtesy of Frans Boone.

Croots_Sportsman_Holdall9 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall8 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall7 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall6 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall5 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall4 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall3 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall2 Croots_Sportsman_Holdall1


the Original bag from 1978 owned by John Foster Gunsmith: