Harry’s world of wonders

if you ever get near the dutch city of Arnhem you must visit The Globe.

Its is the most unique store ever, first of all because of its location (the building was built in 1354 and used to be a hospital for the mental ill), its decoration (a huge fireplace is burning, Hudson bay Blankets on the wall, old canoes and row boats in piles, vintage clothing of the 50ies and 60ies on the walls), its huge selection of goods (not one grey melange sweatshirt but 8 of different brands, chambray shirts from all the well-known names, great denim selection, Lee, Pendleton, Filson, Redwing, Blundstone, Grenson, just to name a few ┬ábut also Stone Island, Patagonia, Nike, New Balance – a very tasty mix of authentic, heritage, handmade and streetwear nicely put together) and finally beacuse of its owner Harry Wonder. He founded this store way back in 1969 (!) and still runs it with great devotion, love of products and belief in the people who produce and who buy them. Keep up the good work, Harry.

The Globe, Rijnstraat 71, 6811 EZ Arnhem, The Netherlands

the man himself.

One thought on “Harry’s world of wonders

  1. hmm this place could be a financial waterloo but I will add it to the places to visit for the next time in the Netherlands. thanks for the info.