DEHEN1920 Varsity jackets in stores now

the first delivery of Varsity jackets from the DEHEN1920 collection has reached Europe. Founded in Portland, Oregon by german immigrants in 1920 Dehen has always been a manufacturer of varsity apparel specializing early in 4-ply heavy woolen knits for sweaters and cardigans and from the 1940ies on in Varsity jackets. Generations of college kids, students and cheerleaders have worn products made by Dehen. Collectors pay high prices for originals form the 40ies and 50ies. Please see the article on the history of Dehen written by our friend Markus from DeeCeeStyle in Zurich in the latest issue of the Heritage Post, No.3. We are proud that the following stores carry DEHEN1920 jackets, cardigans and sweaters from now on:

Burg&Schild, Berlin –  B-74, Frankfurt  – Craemer&Co, Nürnberg  – DeeCeeStyle, Zürich  – Jeanslife, Winterthur  –  Gasoline Alley, München – U.B.S., Sinsheim  – Volls, Darmstadt  –  Uwe Van Afferden, Düsseldorf  –  Kentaurus, Köln  –  The Globe, Arnheim and online on

Raimar from Craemer&Co, Nürnberg in a Signature Varsity jacket.

the Portland factory today.

our man Gary makes it happen.

highly skilled, fully devoted and super friendly staff.

the DEHEN Knitting Mills in the 1930ies.

DEHEN delivery truck, late 1920ies.

billboard of the old DEHEN factory.

Varsity jacket, 1946.

Dartmouth college students wearing Varsity jackets, 1963. This and all next photos courtesy of TAKE IVY.

the version with and without leather sleeves.

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