Happy birthday Chris Walken

the great actor, script writer and director Christopher Walken turns 69 today. Has appeared in more than 100 mainstream and independent movies and televison shows both as lead and supporting actor. Often portrays psychologically unstable characters. Has a reputaion for playing the villain, however that generalisation would not do justice to Walken’s depth and breadth of performances.  Never saw him in a bad movie. The story goes that Jerry Lewis influenced  Chris Walken to make show business his career when he met him on a TV show aged 10.  He was George Lucas’ second choice for the role of Han Solo in Stars Wars and was even considered for the role of Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Won an academy award for best supporting actor for his role of Nick in The Deer Hunter, by Michael Cimino, 1978. Known for trying to insert a little dance scene into nearly all of his roles. Won an MTV Video music award for choreographing his own moves in Fatboy Slims “Weapon of choice” directed by Spike Jonze.  Member of the “Saturday Night Life” cast. Doesn’t use a computer or own a cell phone. Gotta have more cowbell!

in The Dead zone, by David Cronenberg, 1983.

in Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter, 1978.

even after seeing it so many times this scene still makes me nervous.

as Max Zorin in 007 –  A view to a kill, 1985.

with Natalie Wood. He was on the boat the night she drowned.

in Abel Ferrara’s King of New York, 1990.

that smile at 01:10.

as Vincent Coccotti, in Tony Scott’s True Romance, 1993.

as Capt. Koons, in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, 1994.

in the CowBell sketch on SNL.

in Spike Jonze’s video for Weapon of Coice by Fatboy Slim.