Tomorrow Saturday 12th of June will be the official opening of @massifcentral_rocks where our Amtraq Showroom and Warehouse as well as Tellason Germany are located. Open doors for the official opening ›› 12:00 – 22:00. Come by and visit us, check our new fantastic location and our friends at Massif Central. All doors will be open: @amtraq / @kyasuvo / / @isaak_papadopoulos / @dubiousgreek / @studiosesay /@guilty76race_dpt / @warsteiner / @tipico_de / @basti_red / @resultsofchaos
We will close our doors at 18:00.

Massif Central is your daily deli. Cafe, bar, pop up and kiosk. Your bike service station. Your outdoor hang around. Your kitchen club … your everything in Frankfurt ›› Eschersheimer Landstrasse 28 // 60322 Frankfurt am Main

See you Tomorrow!
© Photos: @isaak_papadopoulos

Amtraq Showroom and Warehouse

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