Tellason is not a revived heritage brand or an old workwear firm that is releasing a high-end street wear line. Tellason is a young company with new ideas, but with a strong eye for the way things were done back when they were still done correctly. They are not ashamed to say that they have influences and change things up in a modern way.


in Tony Patellas’s own words, “Regarding our process, it’s simple — aside from sourcing beautifully made American selvage and sewing it with the highest attention to detail, we do not process the jeans at all — we’re big fans of ‘natural’ wear patterns on raw denim that are unique to each wearer (my wallet mark is different than yours, etc.) — the evolution of the fabric and fit is what we’re interested in. Even the best commercial wash is not even close to the beauty of natural wear.”

Pete Searson and Tony Patella on their brand TELLASON:

more from them plus some words from their customers: