GOLDEN BEAR Sportswear was founded 1922 in San Francisco and produced tough and durable leather jackets for dockworkers, who carried cargo, literally, on their backs. Golden Bear jackets kept the longshoremen warm on cold and foggy San Francisco nights. During the 2nd World war they made thousands of flight jackets for the pilots and aircrews of U.S. Air Force. Later in the 60ies when the music scene in San Francisco exploded Golden Bear produced the leather clothing for  famous bands like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane or the Doobie Bros. Today Golden Bear still is famous for their leather jackets, tweed and wool jackets and their Varsity line. A family-owned enterprise  Golden bear still produces to this day all their jackets in their own factory on Potrero Hill.

family members wearing Varsity jackets, late 1950ies.

 The Grateful Dead, wearing jackets made by Golden Bear, late 1960ies.