Introducing photörhead

Roland Brunner a.k.a. photörhead is a photographer from St.Gallen, Switzerland with a deep dedication to cars (Hot rods, Mopar, Volkswagen), motorycycles, bicycles and analog photography with vintage camera equipment. Loves the excitement when picking up the develloped prints sometimes weeks after the photos were taken (yes, kids, that’s how it was back then). He photographs with a variety of different cameras from Nikon F and F2 to Hasselblad 500 c/m, some of them more than 30 years old. Likes to use expired films for the different unexpected effects like colour migration. He scans directly from the negatives or gets the prints “cross-developed” i.e. developing a diapositive film in the negative process using wrong chemicals intentionally to achieve colour effects. Tries to avoid any corrections or touch-ups. Enjoy this little selection:

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