Burkhard’s toy store

when visiting Munich it is always a pleasure to stop by at Burkhard Pflug’s Gasoline Alley. He has been running this store for over 20 years and this is really collector’s heaven. Having been a professional motorcycle race driver, sailor, vintage car and vintage boat collector Burkhard has catered his range of clothing, shoes, accessories and gadgets to film crews, collectors and individuals alike. He has the biggest selection of vintage leather jackets, military clothing, Redwing shoes, sells specially made up garments like genuine sailor pants, Merz B. Schwanen shirts, Stetson Caps,motorcycle helmets, lighters, knives, watch bands, etc. And he will always be happy to tell you lots of stories about products, brands and the people who make and buy them. If you like wooden waterskis you’ll start panicking there. We are honored to have Gasoline Alley as one of the selected dealers that will carry the DEHEN1920 Varsity jackets from September onwards.

this is not a Defender. It is a 109 and of course it is V8.

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