1ST PAT-RN. In stores now.

The LANZA jacket was inspired by european workwear jackets. The fit has been updated with a slimmer silhouette and nicely shaped sleeves. Made in an Indigo drill selvedge fabric that will show a beautiful fade. Jacket on photos has been washed once. Real horn buttons. Proudly made in Italy. photos courtesy of the Bureau, Belfast. Ask for stockist list.43c65edd142c17de86a1c9fe0b3cf1ec 52a466ae4de87a853fdd1c14420a9d73 74c4dd5e16d5504cda19de5c29ed822f 302d8f644790c9a9c2c7a4bca7754833 945f63be5d7aa5e95d3b46a5ea4b8797  a53082c8dcd08b5a618b1dee6c0caabf cf6916fc7b35e8599122fa46d20d1e05 fed472e02e3f21d48c458034c0129b51

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