Blade Runner 30th anniversary

today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of science fiction cult classic Blade Runner. The screenplay by Hampton Fancher is loosely based on an episode of  Philip K. Dick’s novel Do androids dream of electric sheep? The title was taken from a cinema treatment by William S. Burroughs for Alan E. Nourse’s novel The Bladerunner. Directed by Ridley Scott as his first Hollywood film and starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah and Sean Young it received a rather poor box office performance in the US and was criticized due to its complexity, missing action and slow pace. It gained lots of international popularity and is today regarded as a masterpiece and cult movie of the science fiction genre. It has been hailed for its production design depicting a “retrofitted” future and remains a leading example of the “Neo-noir” genre. Its massive influence to the literature genre of Cyberpunk is also mentioned by William Gibson after releasing his debut novel Neuromancer. Soundtrack by Vangelis with excessive use of the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer and the voice of Demis Rousos adding to the melancholic-sinister and paranoid-locked-in atmosphere of the film. The happy end scene shows unused sequences from Stanley Kurbick’s Shining. Scott credits Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks and french science fiction comic Heavy Metal as stylistic mood sources. Blade Runner has also numerous deep similarities to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Alltime favorite. Always and again worth watching.

Los Angeles, 2019.

Harrison Ford as Deckard with James E. Olmos as Gaff, using a “Spinner”.

Rutger Hauer as Roy.

Sean Young as Rachel.

Daryl Hannah as Pris.

Director Ridley Scott on set wearing a MA 1.

Costume sketch of Deckards trench coat by Charles Knode.

when picking up the origami at the end one can see that Deckards is wearing modified Adidas Officials, most probably still produced in Germany.

discrete product placement.

Bradbury Bulding, Los Angeles.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, as used for Deckards apartment.

Brion James as Leon.

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